The High Lunge Stretching Exercise

The high lunge is a relatively basic yoga pose, so practically anyone of any fitness level can do it. To perform a high lunge, step your right foot back and sink down into a low lunge. Get down as far as you can, keeping your back leg straight. Push your left heel into the floor, kicking it down and away. This will help engage your thighs and glutes for the ultimate lower body workout. Reach your arms up over your head, lifting your body up vertically over your hips. Make sure to keep your hips squared forward, and your front thigh parallel with the floor. Keep equal weight in each foot. Hold this pose for 5 -10 deep breaths, and then switch legs.

Quick Tip:

If you're having trouble balancing in this yoga pose, make sure your feet are positioned as wide as your hips and extend your back leg out fully through the leg and heel.

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