The Highland Games - Why We Love Them

Kilts, beer, festivities, dance, and feats of amazing strength - what’s not to love? The origins of Highland Games predate recorded history, but the fact that they are still going strong today is a testament to their indomitable appeal. While these games began in Scotland as a way to celebrate Scottish heritage and culture, they are held all over the world today and attract an audience in the millions. The highlight of the games is the heavy events. Competitors train year round to be able to compete in this formidable athletic competition - and they train hard. Athletes compete in events including the caber toss, hammer throw, weight throw and sheaf toss. We’re talking tossing around upwards of 50lbs and making it look easy. Like boxing and wrestling, athletes compete in different categories depending on their weight and capabilities. Men and women, amateurs and veterans are welcome to qualify, but it takes hard work. Not only do you have to be able to lift heavy, but you also need endurance, agility, flexibility and a hell of a lot of core strength. You also need some good genetics. The majority of heavy event world champs have the God-given gift of being naturally pretty freakin’ huge. Summer is the season of the games. Search the web to find Highland Games close to you.

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