The Inch Worm: The Full Body Move Worth Trying!

If you're looking for a move that will engage and challenge your entire body, the inch worm is it! Not only will you get a solid core workout, you will feel it in your arms, shoulders, chest, hamstrings and calves! The inch worm takes your traditional push-up and cranks it up a notch! By adding the worm-like movements in between the push-up reps, you'll be getting greater engagement from a wider range of muscles which meaning a greater potential for strength gains and calories burned. Have a look:   To get the most from this workout (and all your other workouts!), be sure to wear your BodyRock weighted vest. It will add extra resistance to all of your movements, increasing your burn, without you having to change a single thing! And because a fit lifestyle is such positive, life altering experience, we want to help you empower other people to get on board! Give the gift of fitness to a friend, family member, or loved one! When you buy a BodyRock 6lb weighted vest, we will send you a second one, for free, to give to someone else! The only thing better than reaching your fitness goal is helping someone else reach theirs! This is too good to keep to yourself. Get your vests here! 6weightedvestGTGOF Here's all you need to know to add this move to your routine today! original-theinchwormgraphic   If you like the inch worm and are looking for more creative workout ideas, why not join Marina Santos for the 21 day BodyRock Accelerate? Accelerate your journey toward your fitness goals! Take a closer look!

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