The Little Black Dress Arm Circuit! ;)

Hi Ladies! If you want to tighten and tone up your arms and get rid of what some people call "bat wings" like every other muscle you'll need to train those muscles hard and to failure! Now, if you are new to training you may be saying "NO WAY! I'll bulk up!" and I'm here to tell you "No, you won't! Just trust me on this" :) So just let that thought go! Building muscle actually  takes quite a long time to do, the women you see in muscle magazines have trained really hard for years to achieve that look so don't worry about it until you get there. In the meantime, train those arms hard and with intensity! Also, the whole principle of weight training involves the tearing down of muscle fibers so the body is forced to adapt by regenerating newer and Denser muscle tissue to accommodate the work....Denser muscle tissue takes up WAY less space, which is why women who weight train look so tight and toned. The main muscle you'll want to target is the Triceps muscle as it takes up 2/3's of the arm, next is shoulders, all muscles, and third is biceps.


Here's the At Home Routine! Give it a Try! :) Warm up 10 minutes 1st SET: Superset        4 sets 1. Triceps bench press, Heavy 12-15 reps 2. Triceps Dips, 12-15 reps *cardio interval (optional) 10 free burpees 2nd SET: Shoulders: Tri set 3-4 sets 1. Lateral raises 15 reps 2. Arnold presses 12-15 reps 3. Bent over rows wide grip (palms facing behind you) 12-15 reps *cardio interval  (optional) Skip 1 minute 3rd Set:  Circuit Style 3-4 times 1. Bicep 21's (21 reps = 7 partial to midway,7 midway to top, 7 full ROM) 2. Bicep + Shoulder press 12-15 reps 3. Skull crushers or Lying triceps extensions 15 reps *cardio interval Mountain climbers 1 minute   Remember also that shoulder exercises also hit your Triceps muscle being a compound exercise Give this Circuit a Try and say goodbye to future flabby-ness and Hello to SLEEK & SEXY!! ;)  

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