The Missing Triad: Three things to add to your weight training routine to avoid injury and capitalize gains

Part One: Dynamic Stretching If you’re anything like me, my typical gym routine looks like this: 5:00 PM: Walk in gym, proceed to treadmill. 5:00ish: Warm up on treadmill for 5 minutes. 5:05 PM: Walk (briskly) to the machine/squat rack/ set of weights I’ve been eyeballing the entire time I was on treadmill. 5:06 PM- (some time around) 6:00 PM: Train like the beastly She-Hulk I envision my body morphing into;) Side note: Yes, I a) wear gloves because I happen to like my hands soft and b) veer on the tad-bit-dramatic side.) 6:00 PM- Proceed to locker room, gather my belongings, and exit gym. Minus minor deviations, most people can relate to this scenario. If this is you, I regret to inform you you’re doing it all WRONG!!!  My first three posts will be dedicated to injury prevention and muscle gains conservation.  Part one will focus on a subject that many fitness enthusiast avoid until injuries set in: Stretching.  Yes, stretching. There are three basic forms of stretching:
  • Dynamic- active stretching that warms your core body temperature and prepares your joints/ligaments for a workload.
  •  Static- isolated movements that stretch specific muscles. Promotes flexibility and lengthens your muscles.
  • Ballistic- isolated movements that stretch specific muscles through bouncy movements. Potentially dangerous and often leads to hyper extension. DO NOT ATTEMPT!!!
Studies show combining dynamic stretching with your warm-up assists in preparing your muscles and nervous system, increases oxygen and blood supply to your muscles, and help attain a greater range of motion. Dynamic stretching should be a part of any good weight training program. If not, include them today! Simply choose 3-5 stretches (10-25 reps each) to create a circuit. REMEMBER: Maintain control of muscles throughout entire movement. Happy stretching! Peep below for a few of my fav dynamic stretches. JUMPING JACKS Jumping_jacks ARM CIRCLES Arm-circles WALKING LUNGES walking-lunges-art LEG SWINGS leg swings ALTERNATING TOE TOUCHES alternate-toe BUTT KICKS butt-kicks If you have any dynamic stretches you love please share the knowledge. Feel free to comment below, share this article, and by all means don't be a stranger: Reach out to me via FaceBook- Jean Edwards, Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest- JeanELifestyle. Till next time, xoxo;)

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