The Missing Triad: Three things to add to your weight training routine to avoid injury and capitalize gains (Part 2)

Now that your workout is done you’re ready to bid your workout partner good-bye (if you have one), make a beeline to your protein shake (gotta feed those hard earned muscles and restore glycogen right?), crawl to your vehicle victorious for slaying the gym, or all of the above!? Well, not so fast you iron slayer, you!!! Remember my stretching definitions from my previous article? (If not, go to “Part One: Dynamic Stretching” and read about the three most popular ways of stretching.) This is the part of the workout where Static stretching will be your DOMS savior. Static stretching is performed by slowly easing into a position that gently elongates the muscle. You want to stop at the point of SLIGHT discomfort and hold for a minimum of 30 seconds. Avoid muscle imbalances by making it a habit to always stretch opposing muscles groups together. (i.e. triceps with biceps/ quads with hamstrings/etc.) Remember to breathe throughout each stretch. Research show slow, controlled stretches improve flexibility and range of motion and are great ways to cool down after working out. These are the reasons why static stretching is usually done after you’re done working out. *Side note: Static stretching of non-primer movement muscles can be incorporated between sets while training.* Although, there is conflicting research pertaining to static stretching eliminating or decreasing the effects of DOMS, my experience has made me an advocate for static stretching. Start stretching today! Don’t have time to stretch directly after your workout? Don’t worry, stretch before bed. Static stretching after a hot shower, before bed, can be THE BEST stretching in my opinion. Your muscles are warm from the shower and the stretching helps calm your body down in preparation for sleep. Below I’ve listed a few static stretches that are staples in my cool down regiment. Incorporate these stretches into the end of your weight training sessions and reap the benefits! stretch Feel free to comment below, share this article, and by all means don't be a stranger: Reach out to me via FaceBook- Jean Edwards, Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest- JeanELifestyle. Till next time, xoxo;)    

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