If You Want To Stay Active, Try One Of These Careers!

Sick of being sedentary all day long when you are at work? Do you sit during the majority of your day? Are you stuck in a cubicle for eight hours a day and craving some movement and activity. Well don’t fret because a new career is just waiting for you. Today less jobs require physical activity, only 20% of jobs are active compared to 50% in the 1960’s. With that said there are still many jobs that will keep you active, so you don’t have to sit and type for eight hours. inpost Some of most active careers are:   Valets Think of the last time you used the valet service for your car. The person picking up your car has to find it and drive it back to you with a sense of urgency. And many times the valets are super busy and trying to stay up with the demand. According to the glassdoor.com valets burn so many calories, they're in the top ten jobs that burn the most calories.   Registered Nurses Nurses have to do the rounds and check on patients so they are rarely sitting. They have so many tasks they have to complete within a shift they don’t have time to mess around. Nurses also have to deal with stressful, tough situations and that keep them on their toes and out of the break room and cafeteria to snack.   Sales Rep at retail chains Every time you walk into a store the sales person is standing on their feet welcoming you or folding some merchandise. As a sales person you aren’t allowed to sit down and you are on your feet for long hours. It is never acceptable to sit or be caught doing nothing, you must always be active.   Photojournalist A photojournalist is always in the field, these extraordinary people are sometimes running for their lives. They will do almost anything to get the perfect photo for the story they are covering. Photojournalists are always on the go, otherwise they might miss the perfect shot. personaltrainer Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer This one is obvious, if you are teaching a spin class three times a day four days a week, you are guaranteed to be super fit. Looking the part requires extra hours in the gym getting that “extremely fit” personal trainer look.   Server (waitress) As a server you are running around helping many different groups of people. Many activities while serving include squatting and lifting, you can really get a full body workout from one serving shift. An average serving shift can last anywhere from 4-8 hours and if you work at a busy restaurant, you will be working hard and being active the entire shift. With all these active jobs out there why sit behind a desk? Maybe your next career is an active one.  

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