The Most Awkward Forms of Communication, Ranked From Least to Most Awkward

The beginning of a relationship always leaves room to work out the kinks, which means, undoubtedly, there's a lot of interesting forms of communication going on. Here are the 17 most ridiculous ones ranked from least to most awkward. awkward 17. Texting (“read receipts” turned off) You can just assume the reason he hasn't responded is due to his phone dying. 16. IRL conversations Because using real words is just way too forward. 15. Back-and-forth Snapchatting There's no strings attached with this one. Either of you can stop responding at anytime ... unlike when you're on a REAL date with an ACTUAL conversation. 14. Viber Aw, how cute. He's not even in the country, but he found a way to connect. Yep, there's an app for that. 13. Texting (read receipts on) This is awkward for a couple reasons. First off, you're wondering why in the world his read receipts are on. Secondly, why isn't he responding? 12. Facebook chat The “seen” feature makes this form of communication so not worth it. 11. Instagram comment He asks you what you're doing tonight via a comment on your recent photo. Awkward. Just awkward. Please stop and text. 10. The Snapchat chat function Because regular texting on your phone isn't enough. 9. The phone call Wait a second ... people still do this? You had no time to prepare for this phone call. 8. Dating-app convo gone too far It's just a bit weird that you've studied his profile 10 times and are now aware of his mother's name, how many pets he has and his favourite TV show, but not his last name. 7. Email He's not your boss, he's not your client, and he's definitely not your dad ... so this is just weird. 6. Gchat It’s just, like… why? 5. LinkedIn Connect Professional connections only please. 4. Twitter DM You are not Taylor Swift and he is not a crazy fan. 3. Skype People still Skype? 2. Snapchat video It's already pretty sad that one of you knows this exists. 1. FaceTime This is as up close and personal as it gets, but it's also incredibly awkward ... as half the time you're staring at your eyebrows instead of his face. Do you use any of these forms of communication regularly? Source: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_113860" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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