The Most Effective Way to Catch Your Breath

Running out of steam during a HIIT workout or a sprint training session is a problem all too common! You may find yourself gasping for air, struggling to breathe, and fighting to stay on your feet. So how should you catch your breath? According to a team of researchers at the Western Washington University, you should emulate Michael Jordan: bent over, with your hands on your knees. Yes, every coach EVER has screamed at you that this is the worst way to recover, but science has proven your coaches wrong. [bctt tweet="The Most Effective Way to Catch Your Breath"] See, when you bend over, your diaphragm is pushed upward, closer to your lungs. This makes it easier for the muscle that does all the work breathing to fill your lungs with air. The more air your lungs take in, the more oxygen is sent through your blood. The more oxygen that gets into your blood, the faster you recover from your fatigue. The position also makes it easy for your abs to push all the carbon dioxide out of your lungs, making more room for oxygen on the inhale. Doing this will help you to recover more quickly between sets or sprints, and when you get back to your next circuit, you'll be closer to your baseline heart rate--meaning you'll be able to push harder on that sprint or HIIT circuit. Featured Image Source: Duke Medicine Source: Men's Health  

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