The Most Horrible Fitness Trends Imaginable

A toned physique is something people strive for. However, there are people who try to seek the easiest way to achieve it. Fitness trends can go, just as fast as they come. There are endless infomercials and new fads all the time. The majority of them slim down your pocketbook, rather than your waistline. There are many odd ways people try to get into shape. Melt Fat Away in a Chair Who wouldn’t like to lose inches while sitting down? If this was possible, many people would definitely twist, rock, and slide the pounds off, all while sitting in a chair. This exercise is called the "Hawaii Chair”. The swiveling base “supposedly” tightens up abs. Of course, you need to be moving around while you are exercising, but the inventors of this chair are now millionaires, due to people falling for such a gimmick. The Shake Weight Phenomenon Remember vibrating lap belts? That sure seemed like an outrageous way to get into shape. However, now there is something off the charts – the shake weight. It is just a vibrating dumbbell that has become the center of media. It’s best just to get the traditional dumbbells for the best results. Toning Shoes Have you heard of the shoes that have an empty promise of toning your body just by walking? Brooke Burke and Kim Kardashian actually promoted toning shoes, averaging at $100 for one pair. In all reality, the shoes don’t do anything they're said to do and are no different than the sneakers you have now. Ab Belts If you could get a six pack with wearing an electric ab belt, would you? How crazy does this even sound. The maker of the electric ab belt thought that by using a specific technology of similar shock, it would allow individuals to get a six pack. The belt shoots electrical impulses right into the abdomen, which will then cause the muscles to begin contracting. These ab belts cost quite a bit of money, around $200. However, these belts can be dangerous and it’s best to save that money and put it towards a membership at the gym. Pole Dancing This is a new exercise that has become the recent trend, and it’s common with young women who wish to get fit. Home poles can actually get loose or even lose their entire grip. Of course, you can get some exercise this way, but it’s best to leave this to the professionals. Weight Loss Powders & Pills Doesn’t it sound too good to be true for a pill or powder to make you lose weight? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Unfortunately, many marketers make people think they can lose weight fast with them. The majority of these supplements have hydroxycitric acid, ephedra, or chromium, which can have no nutritional value and can even cause side effects. It’s best to fight off the fat with exercising and a healthy diet, rather than falling into the weight loss powder and pills trap. Fitness Videos by Celebrities Cher, Jane Fonda, and O.J Simpson are not fitness experts. It’s best not to follow any of their videos. Most of the time, celebrities are looking for ways to market themselves. Don’t fall for the trap and make sure to follow a fitness expert. The Infomercial Trap How many times have you been suckered into an infomercial? The majority of them are filled with empty promises, awkward equipment, and fine print. Flip the channel, put your wallet away, and get a gym membership or follow a fitness expert instead. It can be hard not to fall into traps, but you must think realistically. Think about it thoroughly before jumping into it. Perfecting your physique takes time, determination, and willpower. Nothing happens overnight. Have you ever fell for a gimmick? If not, do you have any tips for others on how to avoid them? You know what isn't a gimmick? Clean eating and regular exercise. When it come to both of those things, BodyRock has you covered. If you want to get your diet cleaned up and kick start your fat loss, why not start with the BodyRock Meal Plan? This plan covers 30 days of healthy, homemade meals and snacks that will keep you satisfied. The plan also includes a detailed nutrition guide and an added recipe book with over 70 offerings! It doesn't get much easier than that! And, of course, you can't forget the exercise part of the equation. With SweatFlix℠, you'll have access to over 120 hours of real time, on demand workouts! All your favorite BodyRock workouts in one place! Whether you want a 21 day bootcamp or a shorter 5 day challenge, you'll find it in SweatFlix℠. From HIIT training to yoga, you'll find it in SweatFlix℠. And with new content being added all the time, you'll never fall into another fitness rut! Start your free trial today!   

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