The Naked Test.

I think that the ultimate test of how accepting you are of yourself is the test of standing naked in a full length mirror and not cringing, pinching, or flapping your own body like your a giant lump of clay that you can smooth the bumps out right there on the spot.

The next step up from that is standing naked in front of someone else without first dimming the lights, or diving under the covers. Just to make the point, this is not about modesty - it's about being confident enough to stand in your own skin and not want to hide.

No one is perfect obviously. The girls in Victoria's Secret have cellulite, take away the photoshop and instagram filters and we all start looking human again pretty fast.

One thing we all have in common is our vulnerability. Each of us went through that moment where we first felt compelled to hide our body because someone or something made us feel less than perfect. For me it was during grade 8 basketball tryouts. We were playing shirts and skins and one of the guys yelled out in front of a group of onlooking girls that I had a pot belly. I was mortified. I was also 13 and a bean pole. It didn't matter that I was skin and bones, it didn't matter that it wasn't true. From that moment on I kept my shirt on in public. I still don't like taking it off at the beach. From that moment I've been hiding. It might seem ridiculous, but very often experiences like this can have a tremendous impact. How many times have I chosen to hide because of this one trauma when I was 13? Too many.

I'm sure you have a similar moment - where it was just easier to hide your body. Talking about it helps. Taking action even more so.

I want you guys to know that I'm pledging right now that not one of the images we present to you from our cameras will be touched up to make anyone look slimmer, taller, or more muscular. We don't often use photo retouching beyond correcting colours or cropping, but we will never use it from this day forward to materially change the dimensions of someone's body. What you see here and on our sites will be authentic. It takes courage not to hide, and when we put ourselves out there it won't be from behind an airbrush.



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