The New 40: Sexy & Fit (Photos)

Gone are the days when "sexy" was a twenties something thing. Whenever we see pictures of fit and fabulous women strutting their stuff in the 40's, 50's and beyond we get inspired to share their fierce beauty with the world. Eva Longoria got a bit more of a cool down than she was expecting as she took to the water in Marbella, Spain, on Sunday. The 40-year-old star was trying to beat the heat as she sunbathed on the sand but her attempt to have a refreshing frolic in the shallows fast turned into a brisk wake up. Exotic local aside, the most striking thing about these candid, unfiltered images is how they showcase Eva's impressive figure. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.22.30 AM It's not exactly headline news that a 40 year old women can be fit and sexy. What is more refreshing about these images that the cold surf, is that they take sexy back from the established pop culture concept that having a sexy and desirable body has the shelf-life of a carton of milk and women effectively expire at some point in their early 30's. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.46.21 AM The actress showed off her curves in a predominately white bikini which featured skimpy tie side bottoms with a green plant print and striking white and blue long ties. Sexy is not something that is exclusive to an age bracket. Don't let anyone box you into that limited belief system. Being sexy is about being confident in your own skin - and putting in the effort to be the best version of you possible. That Eva put's in the effort is clear - anyone that is visibly fit (no matter their age, sex or finances) has the willpower and discipline to follow a diet plan and regular workout regimen. People tend to dismiss the point when it's a celebrity, writing it off as something that only the rich and famous can afford. This thinking is as restrictive as thinking that you can only be sexy in your twenties. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.58.33 AM If you are looking for help with your diet & fitness we have tones of resources here on BodyRock - including free daily workouts like this one: And if you need help with your diet we have an awesome, easy to follow and inexpensive diet plan that will get your diet on track in just 14 days - you can check it out here:
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