The One Exercise Move Every Woman Should Do

Squats, squats, squats. That is all we hear these days. While squats are a great way to work several muscle groups at the same time, they make many of us  downright miserable. If you are sick and tired of doing squats and want to improve your fitness, strength and overall health, we've got what you're after! The deadlift is a move all fit women should be including in their repertoire. Like squats, deadlifts require the use of several muscle groups at one time. The more muscles you work, the more lean muscle you will build over time which means less fat and a trimmer look. Squats work your lower body but deadlifts kick this up a notch by bringing your arms and upper body into the action! But there's more! According to personal trainer,  Nathane Jackson, CSCS, deadlifts are safer than squats! So now that we know they are safer and work more muscles, how do you do one properly? inpost The basic steps are as follows:
  1. Stand holding dumbbells in each hand (or, as Jackson suggests, use a bar) with your knees slightly bent.
  2. Keeping your arms straight and knees bent, hinge forward from the hip. Lower the weight without rounding your back. Keep the weights close to your legs.
  3. Squeeze your glutes while you slowly pull yourself up. Again, don't round your back or arch your spine!
[bctt tweet="The One Exercise Move Every Woman Should Do"] This seems like a super simple move but it can be hard to master completely. Jackson has a few tips that can help you! He suggests   you keep your toes pointed forward or slightly outwards. Next, he says, "create a double chin, by pulling the chin back towards your neck and pull your shoulder blades back and down towards the hips and pretend you are squeezing an orange in your arm pits." The key movement in this exercise is, of course, the hip hinge and Jackson has some tips for that too. He says, "simultaneously hinge at the hips and bend at the knees until both hands are gripping the bar (overhand, hook grip) just outside the shins. From here, push through the mid foot and think about driving the hips forward as you stand up straight. Exhale (like you mean it — it's OK to make noise in the gym!) once the bar travels past your knees, being careful not to lean back." By adding deadlifts to your regular routine, you not only build that booty you want but tighten and tone your upper body as well. One move for a leaner look, how can you go wrong? If you find your regular workout routine has gotten stale and you'd like to add some excitement around your deadlifts, take a look at SweatFlix℠. With over 80 hours of on demand workouts, covering all fitness levels, you'll always be able to find what you need to challenge your body and keep you motivated. Start your trial today! Are you already a fan of the deadlift? How has it changed you workouts? Source: POPSUGAR

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