The One Thing That Will Either Work for or Against Your Relationship

Self-love is extremely important to your overall wellbeing. While it used to be taught that being selfless made you a good person and loving yourself just made you selfish, today there's been a significant shift, which assures people of the importance of giving yourself a good old hug on the regular. The importance of self-love in a relationship. And if you think about it, it really makes sense. I mean, how can you love anyone else if you have no idea how to love yourself? Abandoning what makes you happy, safe, secure, healthy and loved will only cause you to develop detrimental coping mechanisms which in turn are negatively reflected on the people in your life. [bctt tweet="You may be sabotaging your relationship without even knowing it. "] You also can't depend on anyone else to fulfill that feeling of self-love, especially your partner in a relationship. When you expect them to give you what you are not providing yourself, you are manipulating them. And the more you control your partner with anger, blame withdrawal, compliance and resistance the more you'll find that your partner responds by attempting to control you back. And where is the love in that? love yourself The love you want to share with your partner is lost simply because you have no idea where to find love within. Instead, you are constantly trying to find it elsewhere. And if this is you, and you want to change this, then you need to remember that self-love by no means makes you a selfish person. In fact, trying to make others fill that void is the selfish part. When you learn to love yourself, you embrace all parts of who you are, even the painful feelings that build up inside of you. The more you tune in, the more you can make sense of all of your emotions. And if you don't? You'll suffer from self-judgements and unhealthy behavior. relationships When you take responsibility for your own self, then you can truly appreciate and love your partner. Do you practice self-love? How do you feel it betters your relationship with your significant other? Source: Mind Body Green

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