The One Thing That Will Help You Get Over a Breakup

No one ever called a breakup fun. And men and women alike can attest to the fact that being dumped is often times the equivalent of having a dagger slowly sliding its way into your insides. It just hurts, OK? But despite all the pain, some people keep coming back for more, even though they're well aware it will end again. Elite Daily's Alexia LaFata is one of those people. "In college, I dated the same guy on and off for three years, most (okay — all) of the 'offs' initiated by him. He’d dumped me so many times that I became a pro at sensing the onset of yet another a breakup," Alexia began. "Once, for example, I sensed that he was trying to dump me in the middle of a texting conversation, so I demanded that he not type another word until he meet me in person and say whatever he was about to say to my face. So he did, and I yelled at him for a good 10 minutes. And it was raining out, which really added to the theatrics of the whole thing." [bctt tweet="The One Thing That Will Help You Get Over a Breakup"] And on the fifth time she was dumped by the same dude, she finally felt embarrassed. "... he broke up with me on Valentine’s Day, after he’d taken me to a fancy dinner in the city to celebrate the holiday. When I questioned this downright sociopathic move of his, he said he’d wanted to take me on a 'nice night.' I’d trusted him to not mess up again, re-hyping him up to my skeptical girlfriends and insisting that he really was working harder this time to make things work. But then, as I lay next to him on his bed, the bed on which we were literally about to snuggle in for the night and watch a movie, he blindsided me with an 'I can’t do this.' Mortifying." INPOST-sleeping And just like all of the other breakups she experienced with him, Alexia found herself trying to pick up the pieces of her heart. She tried to let all her feelings out, distract herself when it became too much to handle, make herself playlists, and even remove her ex from all social media accounts. But no matter what she did, or how many drunken nights out with friends she had, it still hurt. If she saw him at the bar, or smelled his cologne passing by, or even found one of his T-shirts in her drawer, the pain would overcome her. "The only thing that really, really got me over my ex was time," Alexia said. "By my fifth breakup, I learned there’s nothing more healing than the passing of time, even during the days when the clock ticked gut-wrenchingly slow, and every minute that he wasn’t texting me felt like several thousand hours. What pulled me through the hardest of heartbroken nights were thoughts of the less heartbroken version of myself waiting for me in the future. I knew that in a week, I’d be slightly closer to her. In a month, I’d be even closer. In a few months, I may even be her." She suggests that, while it hurts to think that we'll go through all the pain, we have to confront it with the cliched response of, "Time heals all." INPOST-sleeping2 "Believe in the power of the Earth spinning and time passing. Believe in the power of placing yourself a few hours, a day, a week, even a month into the future and knowing that there’s a less-heartbroken version of yourself waiting on the horizon. Because if you envision yourself as the whole person that you will be again, it’ll be far easier to piece your broken self back together. I promise," Alexia concluded. Would you agree that time is the truest cure for getting over a breakup?
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