The Perfect Salad in a Mason Jar

The main secret to the perfect mason jar salad is simple - It's just layering! Yes, that is all! Begin by putting the dressing on the bottom. Use 3-4 tablespoons of salad dressing for each quart jar. If you want onions in the salad, it is beneficial to put those on the bottom as well. This is because when you soak them with the dressing, it will get rid of the strong onion taste. It will also help with dreaded onion breath at work as well. Mason Jar Salad Add a Base Layer Now, you will need to add salad ingredients that isn't going to soak up all the dressing. The ingredients could include chickpeas, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. Layering Mason Jars Continue on to Layering You will now continue layering the salad with the ingredients of your preference. Be sure to pack your layers as tight as you can get it. The less air that you have between each layer, the longer your salad will stay fresh. Top-Greens-Cheese Don't Forget The Topping Lastly, you will want to add your top layer. This should be your salad greens, unless you are adding cheese or nuts. When having the greens on the top, it will make a moisture barrier and prevent the salad from becoming soggy. Put on the tops of the jars and seal the salad. Put the finished product in the refrigerator and you will be good to go. If you wish to add chicken or another form of protein, just add it on top of the greens the day that you plan on eating the salad. Parchment Paper Fix Mason Jar Salad Parchment Paper Fix Certain salads don't include firm vegetables, which can be an issue when it comes to the layering step of your salad. Fruits will tend to soak up the vinegar in the dressing. If you want an inexpensive quick fix, try parchment paper. Don't have parchment paper? Plastic wrap will do the trick. 1. To use the parchment paper fix, begin by layering your salad in the mason jar and leave out the dressing. Rather than completely filling the jar the entire way, leave a bit of space at the top for the dressing. 2. Next, cut out a square of the parchment paper (make sure it is a couple inches wider than he mason jar top on each side.) The edges of the parchment paper will need to extend off the edges of the jar. Bend the sides down on the outside of the mason jar. 3. Now, you will need to pour the salad dressing into the paper cup and then put the lid on. The jar will need to stay sealed shut. As long as the lid is on, it shouldn't leak. 4. When it's finally time to eat, pour the dressing into your bowl and empty the ingredients from the jar into your bowl. Now toss the salad into your bowl for pure tastiness. Try it out and let us know how it worked for you! Source: Pop Sugar

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