The Power of Makeup: Countouring to Make Your Boobs Bigger!

Forget an augmentation! Use the magical illusions of makeup to enhance your assets without having to go under the knife. All kidding aside though-if you have a formal event that you need a little "perking" up for, then you might love this little tutorial we found on Elite Daily! Contouring is a popular technique in makeup that involves strategetically placing shadows and highlights on your face to make your nose small, eyes bigger, or your cheekbones higher. However, this method of using makeup can be applied to places other than just your face. b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 According to Kaylin Pound, you’ll need an angled brush, a powder brush, a setting powder, a powder or cream bronzer two shades darker than your natural skin tone and a powder highlighter two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. To make it easy, you can just get a contour palette that has all the shades you need. b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 The very first step is to lightly sweep bronzer in the area between your breasts with the powder brush to create depth, making it look as if there was a deeper crevice there. This will be your foundation and gives you something to work with. b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 Next, dip your angled brush in bronzer, then draw a curved “Y” shape along the natural roundness at the top of your breasts and blend toward the center of each breast. It should look like this: b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 Use your angled brush to apply highlighter to the top half of your breasts, just inside the “Y” shape (like the photo below), and blend toward the middle of each one. This creates the illusion of fullness and really makes your cleavage stand out. b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 You’ll want your cleavage to look as natural as possible, so take your powder brush and blend, blend, blend! b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 Lastly, Kaylin says to use some powder to help set your work and then BAM! All done! b2f4d41467113a813c75c48873b9e7f6 What do you guys think? Have you tried this before? Images & Tutorial: Kaylin Pound via Elite Daily Not a fan of makeup? Click here for 5 exercises to make your boobs bigger!

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