The Scientific Reason Why Love Can Make You Fat

Letting yourself go a little is common when you settle down with someone you love. You can chill in sweatpants and be less worried about your hair and makeup as you were when you first started dating. But can being in love with someone actually cause you to gain weight?   According to a 2013 study published by The American Psychological Association, “Marital Satisfaction Predicts Weight Gain in Early Marriage”, couples who are in a happy, satisfying and loving relationship are more likely to pack on pounds. Over a 4 year study, those in healthy long term partnerships saw an increase in weight versus those in more tumultuous relationships. [bctt tweet="Have you put on the "early marriage 15"? "] It comes down to what is known as the The Mating Marketing Model. This theory suggests that when we are happy, we are less likely to feel the need to look a certain way in order to keep our partner attracted to us. Thus, we feel safe gaining weight as we will be loved regardless. But those who are in unhappy relationships are more likely to try and maintain a certain image out of fear that their partner will leave them for someone more attractive. “Given that satisfied newlyweds have already attracted a desirable mate, they may relax their diet and exercise regimen and, therefore, gain weight.” the study explains. lovers fat We don't mean by this that the weight gained is considerable enough to tip the scales. Mostly partners gained between 5 and 15 pounds throughout the four-year study. No matter your comfort level with your partner, it is important to stick to a healthy routine of getting active and eating well as to avoid any health complications. love lovers fat What are your thoughts on this study? Do you agree with the findings? Source: Elite Daily  

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