The Seated Spinal Twist

Twisting poses in yoga are incredibly good for increasing strength and flexibility - and the seated spinal twist is one of our favourites. The subtle compression across your stomach actually helps in the digestion process, too.

Here’s how you perform the seated spinal twist:

Step 1: Sit down on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Make sure both of your sits bones are grounded down into the floor. This is so you can ensure you are always beginning your twist from a neutral spine. Step 2: Bend your right knee and place your right foot flat on the floor in line with your hip. You should be comfortable and your spine should still be neutral. Step 3: Inhale, and as you exhale rotate your torso so your belly comes toward your right thigh. Next bring your chest, then your head. Step 4: Rest your left hand on your right leg and our right hand on the floor behind your butt. Increase the twist by using your core muscles, not your arms. Remain here for 5 - 10 breaths, and then slowly release and do the twist on the other side.

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