The Secret To Keeping Weight Off Is Eating THIS

Starting your day right means taking control of your body fat. Researchers have discovered you can do that by adding this portion into your morning meal. The University of Missouri found in a study that a breakfast containing 35mg of protein prevented weight gain in their participants. It was also revealed that enough protein in the a.m. helps keep appetite under control for the entire day. It stabilizes the body's glucose levels so you don't get the urge to binge on those donuts your co-worker brought in to the office, or experience a sudden drop in energy. Not only did the study find out the importance of protein, but the inclusion of breakfast as a whole impacts weight loss success. The study followed three groups of overweight adults who skip breakfast regularly. The first group included the proper amount of protein in their morning meal while the second ate a very low protein plate each day. The third group continued to skip breakfast. Over 12 weeks, the 35mg protein group actually lost body fat without changing any other lifestyle factor. The second group maintained the same weight, and the third gained fat. We want you to take the protein challenge! Get the required amount from eggs, Greek yogurt, lean meats and milk and let us know if you see a difference in energy and weight!   Source: Mens Fitness  

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