The Secret to Losing Belly Fat Revealed, and Tips to Get There

You can do hundreds upon hundreds of crunches with the goal of flattening out your tummy in mind, but the truth is, while ab exercises can undoubtedly strengthen your core, if you have that extra layer in your midsection, they will only hide beneath it. So what's the secret? Calorie-torching cardio is your go-to if you want to your ab flab to disappear. But you can't just incorporate any kind of cardio.The key, according to a study in the International Journal of Obesity, is to focus on interval training, as opposed to just simply going for a steady-paced run or bike ride. In the study, researchers compared women cycling at a steady pace for 40 minutes and women who switched between eight-second sprints and 12-seconds of low-intensity cycling for 20 minutes. What they discovered was that the latter group lost more ab flab over a 15-week time frame. Try these tips for adding in interval training to your exercise routine:
  1. Try visual goals: Begin by running or biking at a moderate pace, and then, to kick it up a notch, look ahead to a tree, mailbox, car or any other visual aid that's about 50 feet away and begin to sprint toward it. Once you get there, return to your moderate pace, catch your breath, and try it again.
  2. Clock your time: Use your watch to play games. For two minutes, move moderately, and then for one minute, sprint as fast as you can. Make sure you repeat this pattern for 30 minutes at the least.
  3. Use music as an aid: An interval playlist can really make this type of training fun. Alternate between upbeat songs and chiller ones, and walk or run to the beat.
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