The Secret To Removing Dreaded Acne Scars Is In This Fruit!

No one enjoys having troubled skin, and it is even worse when the remnants of those blemishes remain on your face as acne scars. In order to treat acne scars, it is first essential to know the difference between them and dark spots. Dark spots are typically temporary. They are caused by inflammation and create a red hyper-pigmentation on the face, which will normally subside in 3 to 6 months. Acne scars are more permanent marks that come in various shapes and sizes. They occur after you pop a pimple, opening up the skin. As the skin closes back together, abnormalities in it's texture and tone arise to create a scar. Many of us think that the only way to rid our complexions of these acne lesions is through expensive laser treatment. But the secret lies in a very common grocery store staple - the tangerine.   Tangerines, or any other high-citrus fruit, can be used to make a citrus toner. This can remove the appearance of acne scars in just a few hours. This toner also deeply moisturizes the skin and balances its pH levels. It will brighten your complexion for a fresh, youthful glow (so you can say 'goodbye' to concealer) and it can even zap pesky pimples! [bctt tweet="The Secret To Removing Dreaded Acne Scars Is In This Fruit!"] To make your own citrus toner, follow these steps. tangerine helps get rid of scars Step One: Peel your citrus fruit of choice (tangerine, lemon, grapefruit). Step Two: Pour boiling hot water over the peel and let steep overnight. Step Three: Strain out the peel once it is fully steeped and dab the remaining liquid onto your face, or pour into a spray bottle and mist it on. Step Four: Let it sink into your skin and voila! Totally hydrated, radiant and acne-free skin! Citrus fruits are not only amazing for skin, but can benefit your whole body. Using citrus in your hair can promote longer, thicker locks and leave an enviable shine. Eating citrus fruits provides total body detoxification, good digestion, heightened immunity, energy and it can even help you lose weight. Give this recipe a try and let us know your results! What is your favourite citrus benefit? Source: Elite Daily

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