The Serendipity Workout & BONUS Abs & Core Sculpt Cool Down

Hi Bodyrockers, Freddy here. I wanted to share this very touching story that BodyRocker David sent me after reading my post of March 13th where I opened up to you guys about how my marriage ended. It just goes to show that many of us share similar challenges and experiences, and if we keep positive and support each other through the tough times life often delivers "happy accidents" that brings the love and joy back into our lives when we least expect it. David writes: Hi Freddy,   I wanted to thank-you personally for opening-up and sharing your story with the Bodyrock community. Our stories are eerily similar...My wife also left me in late August after being married for 16 years (with 2 children 8 year old girl and 6 year old boy) and I have just recently learned that she was unfaithful to me, I had my suspicions but didn’t want to believe it. As you can relate, this entire experience was very devastating to me. I completely turned inward and was just focussed on taking care of the kids and not myself. I went into a downward spiral of working out far too much and not eating enough to maintain the regiment resulting in losing 35 lbs in a matter of 3 months. I hit rock bottom in November and my trainer was very worried about me so we started a food diary and a brand new workout program. I had forgotten what some of the exercises were so while I was Googling them I stumbled across your totally amazing website. I can honestly say that accidentally finding your site was one of the best things that ever happened to me. So I say from the bottom of my heart thank-you for keeping the site going while you were going through this very overwhelming time of your life. Bodyrock has become a very big part of my family. The kids know who Sean and Lisa-Marie are and ask who’s workout I am doing on any given day – my son Matthew even has a crush on Lisa-Marie, he always come running to the computer when he hears her voice :) That is not where the similarity ends, about a month ago I went to see a new counselor and I had mentioned finding your site and a few more instances of things just happening without me looking for them. She told me about Serendipity (a "happy accident" the accident of finding something good  without looking for it) and then 2 days later my version of your Lisa-Marie fell into my life. I was not looking or even planning on looking for anyone, this just happened completely out of the blue.  I am so happy that you were able to have someone like Lisa-Marie drop into your life without searching for it.  Well enough rambling for now. Please keep up the great work and keep the smile on your face. All the best, David I know that many of you out there are struggling your way through broken relationships and I also know that there are days when you are just trying to keep functioning and hold your head above the water. There are many phases of the recovery process and each of us takes these lessons at our own pace. What they all have in common tho is that eventually you have to start working your way towards forgiveness because no matter what slight, deception or betrayal you may have suffered, once you drag yourself out of the emotional currents, forgiveness is really the only shore where you can rest and find renewal. You can't stand for the things you want in life if you are treading water. Sometimes as with David's serendipity and my relationship with Lisa, life sends a life guard in after you and you wake up on a white sand beach with the sun on your face :) Best, Freddy - Something to say or share? (connect with me here on Facebook) [wobreakdown] BodyRock Workout: Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest - & Bust out as many repetitions of the following exercises as you can 1) Single Leg Push-Up, Touch Under Toe - Alternate Legs 2) Burpees + Bonus Push-Up & Tuck Jump 3) Sandbag Swings - Using the pink Sandbag 4) Side Lunge Touch Downs Bonus – Ab & Core Workout: Set your interval timer to 3 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest 1) Oblique Plank - Straight Leg Touch Overs - Right Side 2) Straight Leg - Side Ab Touch 3) Oblique Plank - Straight Leg Touch Overs - Left Side. March’s Diet Challenge: Today’s Diet Challenge can be found on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click Here . Facebook: Lisa has posted an update on her Facebook page about her breast augmentation - including a photo of her new body profile. For Lisa’s Facebook page click here, Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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