The Stages Of Working Out, By Age

As we move through life, our exercise interests change. Remember when cereal was its own food group and doing a keg stand counted as strength training? Take a laughter filled cruise down memory lane with these workout stages arranged by age and complied by Shape.


No, I don't really exercise. I run like a gazillion miles at lacrosse practice but I don't go to the gym or anything like that. giphy (8)


I can't believe I'm going to the prom with Joe. I should probably cut down on my after school trips to the diner. BUT, we do walk to get there. Walking is exercise. And I could offer to split my poutine with the rest of my friends. This being healthy thing is easy!


Omigod! I love the dining hall. It is heaven on Earth. I can eat Fruit Loops, spaghetti, sushi, cheeseburgers AND ice cream all at the same time! I'm not going to gain the freshman 15 though. The gym on campus is amazing and I will have lots of time to spend there in between classes. giphy (11)


Okay, so now I've got that freshman weight back to a reasonable level, I will go for a 30 minute run before class. That will TOTALLY cancel out the beer I'm going to be drinking at the SigmaBetaWhateverTheHellItIs mixer later tonight. But if I go for that run, I have to get out of bed. Screw it, I need my beauty sleep! giphy (12)


This is my fifth day in a row working out BEFORE work. Is this it? Am I an adult now?


Gorgeous Instagram shot of Lo Bosworth wearing Lululemon at Soul Cycle. I must buy some Lululemon workout gear and sign up for Soul Cycle. I'm nearly thirty, looking fine and feeling flirty. Wait, never mind. I'd have to give up eating and paying rent this month just for 3 Soul Cycle classes. Looks like a run the park in my Walmart tank top and shorts, instead. giphy (13)


Getting sweaty for the wedding. So what if it isn't mine... I've done this bridesmaid thing enough to know that if I have to wear an ugly dress and let someone else do my hair and make up, sculpted arms and shoulders are the only salvation!


Time to sweat for my wedding. Only the sweating is happening in the living room, going over the budget! Why are napkins so expensive? Are they woven with gold? Doesn't matter. I'm marrying a guy who thinks my body is great and doesn't want me to look any different. But seriously, what's with the napkins? giphy (15)


Kids are fed, deadlines are met. Mother-in-law updated on vacation plans. Workout clothes are laid out for tomorrow. Because today was hard and life is about balance. Time to uncork that wine! giphy (16)


So what if this Zumba class is full of women half my age. I'm here to work hard and look good doing it! Besides, my husband still becomes faint when I show him my Shakira Sashay. These young things ain't got nothing on me! giphy (17) Any of these stages sound familiar to you? Share with us. Source: Shape  

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