The Thigh Gap

photo I found this picture on pinterest...and I think it really addresses something that so many women (and men) struggle with.  Something that all of a sudden our entire fitness culture (and beyond) is so enamored with. The Thigh Gap. I'm speaking as a woman who hasn't had a thigh gap since she was 14.  I started playing soccer at such a competitive level that my thighs just exploded.  Soccer (football) is a sport build on sprinting.  Think a DailyHiit workout only and hour and a half long.  Ever really look at Olympic sprinter's legs?  They are massive.  Well that's what happened to me.  I loved them.  I love my legs.  I'm pretty sure that between them and my boobs it adds up to half of my body weight.  In high school I had this crazy problem of not being able to find jeans that fit.  Eventually my mom just decided to buy me size 8 jeans and then try and take in the waist as much as possible.  I never knew that the thighs I worked so hard to develop for soccer weren't what the world considered beautiful. Some women weren't born with the thigh gap.  Some women are born with muscle toned legs that can sprint for days on end.  And you know what?  That picture at the top?  Men don't care! My husband certainly doesn't.  We end up competing with other women.  Saying "I can be more beautiful or more fit than her."  And we think that by bringing each other down we will look amazing ourselves. You know what ladies? Stop!  Stop caring about the thigh gap!  Care about your health overall.  About how many burpees you can do.  About how much weight you can add on to your 30 Day Butt Challenge (curse you Lisa! :)).  Learn to love the you that you have in front of you. Want to see a pic?  No thigh gap!  But I'm still happy. IMG_2095

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