The Top Myths That Fitness Instructors Want Debunked!

Professional fitness instructors are tired of hearing clients use these common myths as excuses! It's time to let these tall tales die and learn some fit facts. fitness myths debunked Myth #1: "Lifting weights will make you look bulky and manly." This is total bull! Lifting won't turn you into the hulk. Weights create muscle mass which helps you burn calories even when you're chilling on the couch. Cool, right? Unless you're training to be a fitness model, you don't have to worry about getting bulky. "With proper nutrition, lifting weights will create a leaner physique, not a bulkier one." explains Lisa Niren, head coach at Peloton Cycle.  Myth #2: "Crunches get rid of belly fat." Nope. Your core needs to be worked as a whole in order to budge belly pudge. Planks are a better solution to getting an overall core workout. Myth #3: "Avoid carbs at all costs." "Sure, eating a pizza or a bowl of regular pasta with Alfredo sauce is not a good choice for your carb source. But incorporating complex, whole-grain carbohydrates into your diet will not only help fuel you through your workout; it'll also keep you energized throughout the day." says Eduardo Diaz, New York City fitness instructor Myth #4: "Exercising means you can eat whatever you want." Diet actually plays a bigger role in losing weight and keeping it off than working out does. Get lots of protein, good-for-you fats and lush, leafy greens along with hitting the gym. Myth #5: "There's got to be a quick fix to getting healthy." "Truth: It is a lifestyle." —Richard Giorla, founder and owner of Cardio Barre. Getting healthy does not involve a crash diet, or one basic workout move. It is about balancing stress, sleep, diet, fitness and all other facets of being to create optimal health. What are some myths you want debunked? Source: Women's Health  

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