The Top Sugar Myths You Must Know

There seems to be a new study out all the time when it comes to how sugar affects the body. One day studies will say sugar is horrible for you and to stay away at all costs, and other times only some sugar is okay. So, which is it? Is sugar really toxic to our bodies or is it okay to splurge once in a while? It can be confusing to know which study to go by. There are so many of them out there leading you in different directions. Some individuals think they are eating the right foods to fuel their bodies, when in reality they are doing the exact opposite. There are some myths you must know about when it comes to sugar. INPOST Sugar Can Fuel The Body For Energy This one is not 100% a myth, as sugar can give the body some energy. However, the energy that sugar does give our body doesn’t last long. Sugar gives a “sugar crash” towards the afternoon. It is best if you can consume sugar from a whole grain source. This is so it can be digested more slowly. Sugar Must Be Sweet This is another myth that people must be aware of. Many individuals feel that if they aren’t eating ice cream and candy then they are fine. However, that is far from the truth. All carbohydrates will turn into sugar during digestion. This includes pasta and bread that will cause the blood sugar levels to rise and cause insulin to start pumping harder. There are usually hidden sugars found in tons of non-sweet foods, such as fat-free items, sauces, and even soups. Bad Sugar VS. Good Sugar This is one of the biggest myths. Many individuals will say that natural and pure cane sugars are better for you than high fructose corn syrup. It is a huge lie and the sugar industry spreads this lie. Our bodies don’t realize how the sugar was made, so either way, it will respond the same way. However, sugar from a whole fruit is better than sugar in candy and juices as the body can absorb it better, along with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sugar Isn’t Addictive Many people find it hard to believe that sugar can be addictive. It really can. It’s not just about willpower, it takes more than that. Sugar is an addictive substance that can cause withdrawals when not consumed if you are used to it. Sugar Is The Enemy This is a big myth as well. Sugar is not the enemy. It’s not going to hurt you to have a slice of cake during a birthday party or some dessert on the holidays. It’s when you eat it consistently every day in large quantities. Our bodies do need some sugar to survive so eating in moderation is key. Sugar can be a great thing to splurge on. However, with all the contradicting information, it can be hard to know what to go by. Always focus on important facts and do your own research. Make sure you are making the right choices for you. Not everyone’s body is the same. Opt for that delicious brownie if it is a special occasion, as long as it is the right choice for you. Do you like to splurge a little on holidays? Source: Bustle

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