The Trick To Determining Your Ideal Body Fat Percentage

We all want to shed a little body fat. Once body fat is lessened, our muscles are revealed. But trimming the fat can be difficult, and it is even more difficult to determine the ideal percentage of fat your body should carry. ideal body fat HOW SHOULD YOU DETERMINE YOUR BODY FAT PERCENTAGE? Underwater weighing, dexa scan, bioelectrical impedance machines and calipers are among the many ways to measure body fat percentage. Out of those, calipers are the most cost effective and accurate devices. They work by clipping body fat and measuring what's under the skin. Be consistent in using these devices and always measure at the same time of day. Make sure your skin is dry and free of sweat and lotion. Use a four to seven point caliper test for best results. ideal body fat WHAT'S THE IDEAL RANGE? Now it's time to see how you measure up! The stats below do not define you or your progress, but offer a guideline as to the average 'ideal' range. For Men Bodybuilder About to Compete: 3-4 % Really Ripped Ab Look: 8-10% Athletic with Basic Cuts: 12-15% No Cuts: 15%+ For Women Bodybuilder About to Compete: 8-12% Figure Competitors: 15-17% Toned and Lean: 17-20% No cuts: 20%+ Remember, having too little body fat can result in low sex drive, hormonal dysfunctions, high stress levels and a sluggish metabolism. Make sure to always get the right intake of macronutrients (fats, carbs and protein) to stay out of the danger zone! What are your thoughts? Source: Muscle And Fitness  

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