The Truth About Permanent Makeup, Is it Risky or Worth it?

Permanent makeup is making a huge splash in the beauty world right now. From lip injections to stained lips and shapely brows, people all over are jumping on the bandwagon to get the looks they want for the long run. And if you're a pop culture fan, you've undoubtedly been following some of the biggest names in showbiz who are loving it, too. Kylie Jenner's lips anyone? But if you've been on the fence about whether it's worth it and safe, then here are some pros and cons to sway you one way or the other.

First, let's try to understand exactly what permanent makeup is.

Dendy Engelman, a dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery in New York City, says that permanent makeup is an actual art in the sense that dyes or pigments are implanted in the first dermis layer of the skin in order to make features pop. "Permanent makeup can also be used on the body to conceal skin imperfections, such as stretch marks and surgical scars, or skin conditions like Vitiligo, cleft lip, Alopecia," Engelman explains.

Now, let's get to the pros.

Some people prefer permanent makeup simply because it saves them time. But, just because they want their lips stained doesn't mean they want them to look like a beauty queen's, so it's important that they're done to mimic a natural look, which they often do. "The biggest difference with permanent makeup application is that we don't want anyone to know what we did," notes anesthesiologist and permanent makeup technician Linda Dixon, M.D., president of the American Academy of Micropigmentation. "We want women to look like themselves, only better."

Engelman adds that permanent makeup is also a great way to avoid allergies brought on by cosmetics or other medical conditions that may make it difficult to apply it personally.

"Paired with fillers and Botox, the biggest payoff is definitely the ability to regain years of lost youth without surgery and no downtime," she says.

Now, onto the cons.

Every rose has its thorn, so the song says, and in the case of permanent makeup this is also true. Lisa Cocuzza, a woman who was living in Citrus County, FL,  decided to head to a local spa in order to get permanent eyeliner, but the results left her less than happy.  "The numbing solution used to numb my eye area for the eyeliner application actually burned my cornea, and I had three months of discomfort," Cocuzza says. "I never tried the procedure again, and never will."

"The lips are probably the most common source of problems, as blisters can develop after the procedure," explains permanent makeup technician Linda Dixon, M.D., president of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

Engelman adds that though their may be some mild pain after the procedure, the side effects are far and few when the proper technician or doctor is involved. The biggest con? The patient not liking the results.

Have you been considering permanent makeup?

Source: Shape  


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