The Truth About Swallowing Gum: Can It Plug Your Intestines?

Chewing gum is beneficial for promoting concentration, memory, good digestion and keeping your mouth clean. Most of us avid gum chewers have accidentally swallowed in the past, and panicked thinking that this little piece will linger in our insides for 7 years. That grade school myth is not actually true. Gum can be broken down by our internal workings. Not all of its contents will completely dissolve and find their way out quickly, but flavouring and sweeteners will. The gum base itself can not be entirely broken down just like seeds and fruit skins. This is because gum itself is insoluble. It also doesn't mean that it will stick to your stomach wall or the walls of your intestines the way  it used to stick to the underside of your school desk (yes, we know you were one of those kids). Most of the time, gum will ease it's way through your digestive tract and find it's way out with no complications. [bctt tweet="The Truth About Swallowing Gum: Can It Plug Your Intestines?"] The only risk that swallowing gum poses is when you have a condition such as Crohn's Disease. Because it is passing through a tighter pathway, it may cause cramping and other uncomfortable stomach problems. It won't likely block your gut apart from some mild constipation. So don't freak if you find yourself accidentally swallowing a piece of your favourite bubblegum anytime soon! Just don't make it a habit, okay? What are your thoughts? Why do you like to chew gum? Source: Women's Health

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