The Truth Behind Being a Swimsuit Model

Sometimes we don't give those women enough credit for what they do to get the perfect picture. Plus size model Denise Bidot and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson give us the low down on what it's like being a sexy swimsuit model! Here are 10 truths about what it's like to be a swimsuit model!! 1) Hand warmers aren't just for hands! It may look nice out in the pictures but looks can be deceiving! Hand warmers are their best friends according to Hannah! 2) Never having the right seasonal hair! When its winter you're shooting for summer, fashion is always a season ahead. 'Oh my god, here I am, while people are going summer blonde, I'm going winter brunette.' - Denise 3) Bystanders Beaches aren't always private. Sometimes people come to watch and according to Hannah it's "awkward when they walk up and stare." 4) New Technology Yes, now there are drones for taking pictures. Denise says " I felt like it was the next generation of photography" after one of her photo shoots. 5) They have problems with style too! Not every swimsuit works for them either! "Bandeaus are really challenging for me to wear". Girl I feel ya there! 6) They suck it in too! So they don't just walk around looking that fabulous all the time and are real people?? 7) The glow isn't all it cracks up to be I know we all try to go for that amazing sun kissed look, they have make-up and oils that help out! 8) Food motivation When they have a shoot coming up they have to stay super fit, so no more goodies until after! Ice cream = best motivation tool! 9) They get fake tans too! A little air brush here and there to fix tan lines, they happen! 10) Days off They are just normal people, they go and hang out on the beach without posing and worrying what they look like! snapchat code @BodyRockTV

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