The Truth Behind Canned Food: What The Labels Aren't Telling You

Tuna got the ball rolling on the biggest issue in the canned food industry to date. Thanks to observant and unhappy customers, the truth behind the labels is coming out! Starkist is the largest canned tuna supplier in the U.S., and was recently greeted with complaints and lawsuits from customers complaining that their cans are under-filled. Law states that cans of tuna must contain between 2.84 ounces and 3.23 ounces of fish. But customers claim that the products they have been purchasing contain much less. canned food labeling A further investigation done into Starkist and other canned brands discovered that companies were filling cans with 50% of the amount of food that the labels were claiming. Even with the liquid and solid ratios examined, the companies were heavily skimping the food without lowering the price. Hormel chicken chunks are supposed to have 80% chicken and 20% water, but the investigation revealed they contained 54% chicken and 46% water! Customers are mad because these 'lying' cans are throwing off their calorie counts and portion sizing. While Starkist's best solution is to offer angry dieters $25 tuna gift cards, there is another way to stop this conundrum from hurting your meal plans. Purchase vacuum-packed, freeze-dried, or packaged goods without added liquids. This is the best way to get accurate measurements and avoid added sugars when fresh or frozen foods aren't available. What are your thoughts? Have you been frustrated with canned foods? Source: Shape

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