The Ultimate Squat Circuit Challenge

We have put together the ultimate Squat Circuit challenge for you guys - every single move designed to tone and sculpt your legs, glutes and core. It's about progressively getting stronger, building lean muscle, increasing your endurance and firing up some of the largest fat burning muscles on your body to absolutely incinerate fat. Over the next 30 days, you will do 4000 Squats. Read that again because it sounds insane. It's the mount Everest of Squats. But you can do it. We know you can because WE have done it. Research has show that if you have a "workout buddy" that will set off on this challenge BOTH of you will be more likely to accomplish it. So share this with a friend. Post it on your Facebook - get some adventurous, kick ass women involved and smash through this as a group. No gym necessary. Are you in? Here is the challenge: squatsIf you want to take your results to the next level with this challenge try wearing our 6lb weighted Hiit Vest. Just adding these 6 lbs comfortably around your frame will take every squat in this challenge up a notch and dramatically increase your strength and endurance allowing for a greater fat after-burn. vest_v2_1_1024x1024

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