1. Fast Feet + Push-up

Start standing, feet wider than hip width – do 10 quick feet, then drop to plank to do 1 full push-up.  Hop back up to your feet and repeat.

2. Challenger Push-up + Hop

Lay the Challenger on the ground.  The top of the challenger should be directly in front of you and the feet of the challenger should be furthest away from you.  Place your hands on the side bars about 4-6 inches from the base (or the feet) of the challenger.  Lower your chest, do 1 push-up.  Hop your feet so that the land directly beneath your chest.  Hop them back out to plank.  Do another push-up and then hop your legs out wide and then back together.

3. Walkover Burpee

Start with one 1 challenger.  Position it so that it runs lengthwise.  Stand on the left side of the challenger.   Walk your right leg up and over the challenger, followed by the right leg.  You should now be standing on the right side of the challenger.  Do 1 burpee – hands go to the ground, feet hop back to plank, hop feet back to hands and return to standing.  Repeat.

4. Reptile Jacks + Spider Mountain Climber

Start standing with your legs spread out wide and your arms ope to your side.  Hop your feet together while at the same time lowering into a narrow squatted position and drawing your arms in and grabbing opposite shoulders – that’s 1 reptile jack – do 5.  Then come into plank and plant your right toe by your right hand (your left leg should be straight back).  Hop and switch out your legs – left toe to left hand, right leg straight back – that’s 1 spider mountain climber – do 10. Repeat.