The Workout Routine Carrie Underwood Lives By

Carrie Underwood's post pregnancy weight loss has been turning heads, as many both envy and applaud the superstar for not only slimming down after giving birth, but absolutely toning up in record time. And many are wondering what she did to look so good! When you're constantly in the spotlight, you find yourself motivated to meet the public eye's standards of what you should look like. But I think we can all agree no one has standards for new mamas, as it takes time to shed that extra baby weight. But for Underwood, who wanted to jump into he career full force, she chose to adhere to a vegan diet, weight training and alternate workouts to get her pre-baby body back. And now that's she's where she wants to be, she's implemented a more lifestyle oriented routine to follow. Recently, the singer revealed her workout regimen on her Instagram. This routine covers it all: cardio, endurance training, HIIT, strength training, flexibility workouts, warm up, posture correction and stability moves. Want to ty this out but not sure where to start? Here's the breakdown to help you get going! 1mi Treadmill: Use this as a warmup for your interval training routine. Tabata: Everyone likes a good HIIT, and so does Carrie. A Tabata session is only 4 minutes, and  you alternate between 20 seconds of pushing yourself to the max, and 10 seconds of slow to moderate activity. Lunges: Build your muscle and body tone with this classic move. You can use the incline on the treadmill or take it outside and hike up a hill! Have you tried out Underwood's short, sweet and effective routine yet? Source: Zliving    

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