The Worst Fitness Habits You Need To Break Immediately!

You call yourself something of a fitness fanatic but you can't seem to take your performance to the next level. What gives? All you may need is a little wake-up call! It may not be what you are doing, but how you are doing it. So if you've been working toward the same fitness goal for what feels like forever, you may be guilty of a bad habit or two. Here are 6 common habits that hold people back every single day:

1. Your form stinks

Lifting heavier and running faster are great things, but only if you are using your body correctly. Proper form is what allows you to work your muscles and avoid injury. Don't compromise your form just to get in that last rep. Be steady and consistent, you'll strengthen your muscles in time.   [bctt tweet="The Worst Fitness Habits You Need To Break Immediately!"]

2. You overwork yourself

Working out every day and going full tilt at the gym without allowing yourself rest periods limits the success you can achieve. Your muscles NEED rest in order to repair, grow and function. Pace yourself when working out, take your rest days and eat clean meals to aid and speed your recovery.

3. You slack off

Don't become too relaxed. Your goal should always be slow and steady gains. So, if you completed your cardio last week on the treadmill at 5mph, try running faster this week. Same goes for strength training. If you have been using 8 pounds weights for the last few weeks, try 10. The more you challenge yourself, the better your results. fad added sugar

4. Losing focus

Getting into the zone is great, but if you spend too much time there, you may lose track of your goals. Make your workouts as interactive as possible so you stay focused on what you are doing. It is easy for your mind to wander so leave all of that at the door and think only about how much your fitness goals mean to you.

5. Getting comfortable in your routine

A common mistake people make is sticking to the same routine. Sure, it is great when you find something that works for you but unless you are mixing it up every few weeks, you will hit a plateau. Your muscles adapt really quickly so the more diverse your workout is, the better. INPOST-mistakes

6. Forgetting to breathe

When it comes to fitness, your breath is your power. Breathing properly will give your muscles the extra boost it needs to get through those last few reps. Inhale through the nose and out through the mouth. Once you get rid of these habits, a whole new level of fitness will open to you. Trust us! You'll notice the results almost right away! Are you guilty of any of these habits? Time to fess up! If you're looking for new and fresh workout ideas, check out SweatFlix℠! SweatFlix℠ offers over 80 hours of on demand workouts to suit all fitness levels and all interests. With new and exclusive content being add all the time, you'll never be bored again! Source: Fit Bottomed Girls  

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