#ThePowerOfMakeup Movement SLAYS Makeup Shamers

Makeup artist and vlogger NikkieTutorials created this powerful video showing that women are beautiful whether they choose to wear makeup or not. Not only has she gained 17 million views, she has inspired countless copiers who want to sham to shamers for criticizing what you put or don't put on your face! On Instagram, women are using #ThePowerOfMakeup to show pictures of one side of their face completely made up, while the other is left au natural. "That's where our true beauty lies. I believe we should all be judged based on our character and not the way we look. I mean, you're bombarded with messages everyday about how to contour this and how to get the perfect brow shape that." writes one Instagrammer. "It's ok if you love wearing makeup. And it's also ok if you don't like makeup. You do you." comments another. The bold statements highlight a truth about society. It seems no one is safe no matter what preference they have. If you are in love with cosmetics, and enjoy the creations you can make by sweeping blush across your cheekbones or crafting the perfect smokey eye, suddenly people assume you are "insecure" and "trying to hide". While those who present their naked face to the world are seen as "confident" and "brave", as if they're exposing something revolutionary. When will we stop with the labels, and start loving every woman for their own personal choices? Share your thoughts in the comments and show us your #ThePowerOfMakeup selfie!

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