Therapists Share 7 Top Tips For Better Sex Starting Tonight

Therapists have heard it all when it comes to sexual issues between couples. But there are patterns too, in those individual couplings. In most relationships, the main issues boil down to a few reasons why the bed boogie has turned to a a shuffle---or an empty dance card. Prevention Magazine asked therapists to share their top 7 approaches to getting your groove back in the sack. 1. Make Love Before you Make Love. Emotional Foreplay can be just as effective! Courtesy and thoughtfulness during the day translate to an easier connection once the clothes start coming off. A note in a lunchbag or a text saying "You looked so beautiful when you left this morning" is as warming as any candlelight. 2. Make it About You Sometimes. We get so caught up in thinking about our partners that we forget that this time together is good for us too. It's good physically (our hormones soar and stress is lowered) and it's good for the relationship. Let your partner see you enjoy yourself! 3. Make it easy. Performance issues plague men and women, even in established relationships.  Let it be what it is. Porn and insecurities often have us wondering how we rank. Resist the urge to view yourself from outside your own coupling. Stay in the moment with the partner you're with. Lock eyes to keep you there. 4. Make it About Intimacy. The sex will follow. Or not. But the more you feed the physical and emotional intimacy of your relationship, the better that sex will be. 5. Make a Date. If your schedules are crazy, don't be afraid of making a date for sex. It can be erotic for both partners knowing that time is coming up. 6. Make it Flexible. Things don't always go as well as we'd like. And sometimes we're taken in the moment to try new things. Go with it! The intimacy of those experimental moments can be even more bonding. 7. Make it New. New position. New lingerie. New wine. New grassy lawn at midnight. New restaurant parking lot. New kissing on the porch. New middle of the night silent grasping each other in the dark. New. What do you do to keep the fires burning in an established relationship? Any of these?

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