There’s more to Valeria Lukyanova (The Human Barbie) than you May Think

By now if you just say the words “The Human Barbie”, almost everyone knows who you’re talking about. Three years ago, Russian model, Valeria Lukyanova, was coined with this term for her striking resemblance to everyone’s favourite childhood doll. human barbie While Valeria doesn’t mind the fame that’s sprouted from her looks, she does mind her nickname a lot. She told cosmopolitan magazine in a recent interview that she believes it to be a degrading and insulting term since she isn’t trying to imitate the famous doll at all. Rather than being called the human Barbie, Valeria would like to be known as Amatue the spiritual leader. She then goes on to tell cosmopolitan that she is able to speak to aliens and has even been able to time travel, which are stories she often speaks about at the many different seminars she travels to. human barbie Many people may write her off and judge her based on her appearance, but those close to her, especially her husband, don’t mind her shocking appearance and her spiritual passions. Despite Valeria’s persistence in maintaining her image, she stated that she isn’t afraid of aging and tha she is actually against getting botox. Whether it’s all for attention or truly who she is, at least she exemplifies having confidence in yourself.

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