These 15 Dudes Shed Over 50 Pounds: Learn Their Success Secrets

All of these dudes lost 50 or more pounds, and have some seriously inspiring pieces of advice for anyone looking to do the same! Each of these 15 Buzzfeed readers has a different trick to getting their weight in check. 1) Philip Wagner - Lost 130 pounds in one year weight loss “Early on, I missed food — a lot. Replacing fast food everyday with asparagus and lean proteins made me miserable. So, once a week (sometimes even more) I would have a small splurge. I love cheese fries — like, I really love cheese fries — so if I wanted them, I would build them into my schedule. It isn’t balanced to think you can go from eating two double cheeseburgers and fries to eating ‘healthy’ overnight; it also isn’t balanced to do away with junk food forever. Take it as it comes and commit to creating small changes over time."  2) Vitor Barin - Lost 67 pounds in a year fitness “I thought about quitting a bunch of times because I knew that my body would simply never be perfect. I knew that I would never have the ‘model type of body’ that they showed on TV and in ads, but I accepted that it became easier for me to just focus on the best I could be. Today I’m glad I didn’t quit because I’m pretty close to where I always wanted to be.” 3) Ed Fox - Lost 90 pounds in 6 months exercise “When you go out for dinner choose places with a big menu. You need to go somewhere that serves ribs and chocolate cake, as well as salad. If your friends aren’t trying to lose weight, you can’t expect them to change their diet for you.” 4) Matthew Franklin - Lost 150 in a year diet “Lose weight, shop to fit, repeat. It’s a reward and feels great to see the waist and shirt size shrink.” 5) Andrew Carter - Lost 92 pounds over 5 years belly fat “My small steps were the things I knew I could do today, integrate into my lifestyle, and never turn back. Could I stop eating a Snickers bar every afternoon? Oh yes. A few weeks later, could I stop having a PBJ sandwich every day during lunch? Yep! Small changes like this didn’t change my life on day one. I didn’t drop 92 pounds because I stopped eating a Snickers every day. That was one small step that brought me closer to success. Many small steps just like that over time came together to make me an endurance athlete.” 6) Mark Pereira - Lost 100 pounds in 7 months eating healthy "[I learned] how to pay attention to what ingredients are positively and negatively affecting my body. And how to pay attention to everything that I was putting on my plate and in my body." 7) Jon Elordi - Lost 60 pounds in 7 months success stories “I learned early on that doing a lot of exercise (running, weightlifting) made me very hungry and it made it hard for me to stay on my diet. In terms of weight loss your diet is the most important part." 8) Collin Sivers - Lost 105 pounds in 2 years before and after “When it comes to self-esteem and comparing yourself to others, it’s easy to look at yourself in the mirror and compare that to the people that you see in movies, or magazines. Anytime that I looked at myself in the mirror, it ended with me ridiculing myself and listing every single ‘imperfection’ that I found 90% of the time. The scale also became an obsession. I would weigh myself every day, and if I saw that I had gained a pound since the day before, my self-esteem would plummet. "What I learned was that weight can fluctuate daily by as much as five pounds. While using both of these can be useful, I wouldn’t do it often. I started to weigh myself once a week instead of daily, and I covered up the mirror in my room, only using it once I had clothes on so that I could check my hair.” 9) Michael Brooks - Lost 101 pounds in 20 months lean protein “I had to separate myself from people who were not supportive of my new lifestyle… I had to learn to enjoy my own company and motivate myself." 10) Jerry Kavouras - Lost 86 pounds in 8 years weight loss selfie “I knew there were others on the same journey as me who were losing MORE weight than me, at a FASTER pace. I had to put those comparisons out of my head. I’d see a guy next to me at the gym lifting triple the weight I was lifting, and it took me a while to tell myself ‘he has different goals than me'. Shoulder pressing hundreds of pounds is not practical for my day-to-day life. When you focus on you, your progress changes.” 11) Willis Miller - Lost 110 pounds in 7 months fast easy pound shedding “My kids think I’m a hero, I wanted to be the best hero I could be for them. I wanted to do things I couldn’t as an overweight person, i.e. rock climbing, kayaking, hiking. I wanted to get fit enough to try out for American Ninja Warrior for my kids.” 12) Dan Zirbes - Lost 60 pounds in 6 months and quit smoking cheat meals “The first thing I would say is to not give up if you have a stumble along the journey. When I started, the pounds came off quickly at first because I wasn’t distracted by other events going on. Then spring came along and I was going to ball games and BBQs and the temptation to ‘cheat’ was much greater. I had to teach myself that one ‘cheat’ day was not a failure and as long as it wasn’t an everyday occurrence, I just got back on my plan the next day. 13) Paul Lopez - Lost 115 pounds in 15 months staple foods vegetables “My staple during my diet was chicken, rice, and veggies. I had, and still have, that in some form everyday. I would switch up the veggies, and cook my chicken differently or with different seasoning — sometimes bread it with whole wheat saltines and bake it. I did fine for a long time eating the exact same thing over and over, but you do need to be able to mix it up every once and a while. "Having a staple group of foods also helps when you are out at restaurants or parties. You don’t control what goes into them, but for the most part if you get your staples at a restaurant that aren’t slathered in an unknown sauce then you should be fine.” 14) Tigran Khamoian - Lost 156 pounds in 4 years giving up drinking “I started walking two miles to and from work… When I got down to 300 pounds I started the really fun part of my journey: starting to lift stuff up and put it down again. I focused on phases of strength work… After four to six months of this I would [work on building] muscle mass and … really fire up my metabolism." 15) Nathan Wong - Lost 95 pounds in 9 months body transformation “I didn’t drink at all during my weight loss but now that I’ve reached my ideal weight, I can afford to relax and have a few beers. Cutting yourself off from social situations is not healthy for your mind. Guys will poke fun saying you’re just drinking water but let them…” We hope these amazingly unique stories will inspire you to reach your goals! 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