These 3 Changes Helped JaLisa Maxwell Lose 65 Pounds!

JaLisa Maxwell sounds like so many of us. Once she began college, she started drinking both nights on the weekend, stopped all physical activity, didn't think much about her eating habits and managed to gain 30 pounds. This became a way of life until she noticed that activities like climbing the stairs had become challenging. After stepping on the scale for the first time in two years, she was utterly shocked to see that she weighed 205 pounds. inpost Maxwell got to work on her diet right away by beginning each morning with a green smoothie and a veggie omelet. Come lunch and dinner time, she focused on lean proteins like fish. But her efforts didn't stop there. Maxwell also crafted a three-mile interval cardio circuit, which she performed three days a week. After her runs, she added extra work by doing lunges, jumping jacks and push-ups. [bctt tweet="These 3 Changes Helped JaLisa Maxwell Lose 65 Pounds!"] She started all of this in January 2014. By her birthday in August, she had shed 50 pounds! Maxwell still wanted to do more and decided it was time to build some muscle. "I started weight training with my husband," she says. With this addition, Maxwell found herself down another 15 pounds by January 2015. She was once a size 16 and now rocks a size 4! Here are Maxwell's tips for you: Start with light runs. "Not on the treadmill, but outside, to get a good flow of oxygen. Doing jogging intervals helps if you're a beginner." Speak up. "At restaurants, keep an eye out for what's put in your food. Don't be scared to be picky; tell them how you want it." Prep your snacks. "I package mine in plastic bags or containers and take them to work with me. I eat one before lunch, the other in the afternoon." If you are looking to shed some weight and get yourself into the best shape possible, BodyRock has several options that are available to you at absolutely no cost! If you've never worked out before or are looking to get back into the groove after some time away, sign up for the Beginner Bootcamp Challenge and the meal plan! Edith will guide you through 30 days worth of exercises that will show you results in just 10-12 minutes a day! If you are in need of something a little more advanced, be sure to check out the DailyHIIT Show! These real-time workouts will make your body work, but they will also support and encourage you every step of the way. Don't miss a single episode! Head over here and sign up by checking the 'workouts' box. We promise you'll be glad you took on Jacqui as your workout partner! What is it that inspired your fitness journey? Source: Women's Health

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