These 7 Foods Are Silently Causing Inflammation And Weight Gain!

Sometimes the inability to lose weight can feel like a complete mystery. You've reduced your calorie consumption and are hitting the gym on the regular and nothing is changing. But, it is important to remember that WHAT you are eating is just as important as HOW MUCH. Some foods you are consuming on a frequent basis may be causing internal inflammation, weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, food allergies and even some types of cancer. Chronic inflammation is NOT good for you. These foods may even be doing all this damage without you being aware of it! If you'd like to make your insides as healthy as you can, banish these foods from your kitchen today.

1. Cooking Oils

The majority of cooking oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids and low in omega-3s. This imbalance can cause inflammation. Instead, choose olive oil or another oil that has an equal balance of these essential fatty acids.

2. Dairy Products

Recent numbers have suggested that close to 60% of the world's population is allergic to dairy. For those who are lactose intolerant, milk and milk products can lead to inflammation. It can also cause constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, stomach issues and breathing problems!

3. Trans Fats

Most of us know that trans fats are not good but we may not know why. Trans fats increase the bad cholesterol in the blood while decreasing the good cholesterol. They not only cause inflammation but also weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure. You can find them in fried foods, commercial baked goods, packaged foods and fast food.

4. Processed Foods & Red Meat

Red meats contain an inflammatory substance called Neu5Gc. It can trigger an inflammatory response upon entering the body. Aside from this, red meat and processed meats have been found to increase the risk for certain cancers and heart disease.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol irritates the esophagus and larynx which triggers inflammation. Chronic inflammation can increase the risk of cancer at the site of irritation. Alcohol also causes your liver to become inflamed which can lead to liver damage.

6. Sugar

Excessive amounts of sugar can cause an inflammatory response in the body. Of course, it can also lead to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. You may have stopped adding sugar to things but don't forget it can be hidden rather well in your beverages and snacks!

7. Refined Flour

Refined flour is missing bran, fiber and B vitamins. It causes a sharp spike in blood sugar levels, increasing the risk of diabetes and cancers. While you may have eliminated this flower from your own cooking, remember to avoid white bread, pasta, white rice, biscuits and pastries as well. Do you think any of these food are contributing to your inability to lose weight? Source: BoldSky

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