These 8 Exercise Charts Are Your Answers to Proper Form

Do you ever feel like you take on what you think is going to be an intense workout, but don't quite feel the burn like the trainer in the video said you would? Or perhaps you try a new exercise, and expect to feel incredibly sore the next day, but don't? Maybe you're not even seeing the results from all of your hard work paying off. What's the deal? It could be as simple as the fact that you're doing it wrong! From plank to squats, lunges to crunches and free weights galore, you may need a little bit more instruction than you think you do. Take a look at these super helpful charts to get your moves down better and get the results you've been waiting for.
  1. Running
chart 2 Kettlebell moves chart 3. Plank, Lunges, Crunches, Squats, Push-Ups chart 4. The right fitness shoe chart 5. Leg Press chart 6. Yoga styles charts 7. Pull-Up Alternatives charts 8. Arm exercises charts Do you find these charts helpful? Source: Buzzfeed  

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