These 8 Millennial Moms Prove You Can Stay Fit After Having Kids!

New moms often focus less on fitness goals and gains and more on doing squats to pick up fallen teddy bears and lifting 30 pound weights in the form of toddlers. Hitting the gym can be the farthest thing from their minds. For these mommies of Instagram, gone are the days of putting fitness on the back burner after giving birth. Their post-baby bods are fiercely fit and inspiring whether you're a mom or not!   1) @upsidedownmama downward dogs with her little wild child moms of instagram 2) @gokcenarikan does a plank as her kids climb aboard plank fitness benefit 3) @ashley.horner finds her zen as baby finds things in the sand body building mother trainer 4) @funkygine gets funky with snack time! toddler exercise health 5) @mango_twee gives her son crazy kisses yoga parenting 6) @familyfit_ep is a mama of two and loves getting in some floor work while baby plays in the sun tight toned in shape 7) @3xsthefun talk about a fit fam! Can you say #squadgoals? fit healthy family 8) @heatherquinn is ready to race with her biggest competition (her little ones) get active nutrition Show us a snap of you getting fit with your kids and leave a comment below! Source: Elite Daily          

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