These Are the 8 Things You Should Never Tell a New Lover

Entering a new relationship with honesty and an open mind is an important thing. But there are some things you just don't need to tell your lover, as they'll only work against the partnership as opposed to enhancing it. Women tend to be open books when it comes to sharing their past with the person they love. But ladies, it's time to listen up. Sexpert Tracey Cox reveals the things you should never tell your man. These are the things you shouldn't tell your new lover. 1. How good your ex was "Oh that feels lovely you kissing my neck. My ex-boyfriend Brendon used to do that. I'd forgotten how good it feels." Don't associate your neck with your ex. Your new lover may never go there again. 2. How good you were with other lovers "When I was young, I had this one particular boyfriend and, well, we'd have sex everywhere and anywhere we could. One time we did it 10 times in one day." To your dismay, your lover is not thinking about how hot that statement is. Instead, he is wondering why in the world you are telling him this ... and if you're in fact hinting at problems with the sex life the two of you now share. 3. Past behaviour that doesn't reflect who you are now Circumstances and people change ... and bringing up a situation that doesn't reflect who you are now could only bite you in the rear when things get tough between you and your current lover. 4. Giving exact numbers While no one wants to think of their partner having past relations with a slew of other people, chances are you're both experienced in one way or another ... but unfortunately, the number we want to assume our partner is at is often not what it actually is. In fact, a study of 2,500 adults reported last week found that the perfect number of partners for a woman (from a man's perspective) is 5! These are the things you shouldn't tell your new lover. 5. Favourably referencing the same ex more than once So you brought up your ex once ... but now it's been three or four times and your partner has had enough. Don't sabotage the relationship with unnecessary ex talk. 6. Playful boasting designed to make them jealous If you're worried your new lover isn't totally into you, bringing up how much men have burned you in the past will only have him running for the hills, as it reminds him of a clingy ex. These are the things you shouldn't tell your new lover. 7. Any reference to size Saying something about another man's size, like "he had to order in special condoms" will only make your current lover feel paranoid that you're trying to hint that you're not stoked on his manhood. 8. "I've never had a problem having an orgasm before." This will just make him think he's doing a terrible job, and further cause him anxiety in between the sheets. Instead, say something along the lines of "It always takes me a while to relax in bed. You're doing everything right, I just need time to get used to you." What do you think of this advice? Source: Daily Mail Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_113520" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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