These Parents Recreated Their Daughter’s Selfies With Her Boyfriend

When it comes to selfies, people love to turn them into showcases of their new and budding relationships. It's like they're saying, "Look how happy I am!" and "My boyfriend loves me so much!" And while it's totally harmless and in everyone's right to express the excitement that comes with a new relationship, it also sends parents into a frenzy of laughter and confusion, as they can't imagine a world of selfies when they first got together.

So when Emily Musson, a student at LIM College in New York City started dating her boyfriend Johnny, she jumped on the selfie bandwagon and began posting picture after picture documenting her newfound love. When her parents caught wind, however, they responded in quite a comical way, poking fun at their kid by taking selfies themselves, except rather than documenting their own relationship, they chose to replicate the images their daughter had posted.

Musson's parents, Nancy, 55, and Craig, 53, have been together for 28 years, while utterly humiliating their daughter, racked up hundreds of likes on Facebook.

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What do you think of this young woman's parents decision to poke fun at their daughter? Do you think perhaps it will put things into perspective for their daughter and teach her to reconsider what she posts?

Source: Daily Mail

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