These Women Post Inspiring Videos in Support of Body Positivity

There are so many ways people are promoting body confidence to counteract the constant comments that fill both the streets and social media with hatred.

Now, hundreds of people around the world are posting videos as part of the "Don't Hate the Shake" movement. Many of the participants are survivors of eating disorders, while others have larger bodies that they are sick of feeling bad about.

The body positivity movement that has ladies shaking it.

It all began when Melissa Gibson, 27, posted a video on Instagram of her dancing in her skivvies with the hashtag, #donthatetheshake. The body positivity promoter, from Louisville, Kentucky, actually credits the online community for helping her to not only accept her size, but also to celebrate it. She said, "I have always enjoyed dancing but I think a lot of women feel insecure about dancing or like it's something they can't do, because everything jiggles. This is people saying 'this is me, this is how I look when I move.' I have always been a big girl, I hated my body and had never really celebrated it and been kind to it. Body positivity has allowed me to see my body as powerful and beautiful."

She continued to say, "It's really inspiring for me and it's something fun to do, which is also good for my body. A lot of women do not have the freedom to do that. I think when people come across the videos they are surprised there is something like this going on - it is really refreshing."

The body positivity movement that has ladies shaking it.

The movement has certainly taken off, with over 100 women posting videos with the hashtag, and 700 different posts using it as well.

One of those women is 22-year-old anorexia survivor Megan Jayne. She has a famous Instagram account called @bodyposipanda, and has no problem showing off her body.

The body positivity movement that has ladies shaking it.

Melissa's movement proved to be so successful that she now helps run the  Instagram account, @donthatetheshake. It has over 2,700 followers and counting. Melissa, who is studying women and gender studies at the University of Louisville, originally began @yourstruelymelly to promote body positivity in August of last year. She said, "At first it was just a way for me to become more comfortable in full body shots because I never used to show my full body in pictures. Over the past year it has become so much more and I have grown with it. It's truly empowering and I've loved being a part of the community.

Our bodies are something to celebrate and body positivity is a feminist movement for me. It's so much more than looking beautiful - it's about inspiring women (and men) to stop being ashamed of their bodies and appreciate them for what they do allow us to do - to experience the world, love the ones we love and speak up about what we believe in. So many women go through life trying to be invisible because we believe our value comes from how we look and so don't believe we can bring anything of value to the world. This is wrong."

The body positivity movement that has ladies shaking it.

What are your thoughts on the body positivity movement?

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