They Want You To Fail

There are probably people out there that want to see you fail. How do you spot them? They don't tend to carry boxes of donuts around but they can be just as obvious. Anyone that routinely tries to derail your food choices, encourages you to skip out on your training, or uses group or peer pressure to discredit your habits or make you feel foolish or embarrassed about exercising or watching your diet. These people are out there. This stuff happens. But why do they do it and what can you do about it? Fitness can be a lot like talking politics or religion at the dinner table. It can bring out unexpected reactions in people. Strangely enough it can also make people feel judged and even threatened. The positive changes you are making in your life can trigger resentment in others, who may feel like your sudden focus on healthier choices is somehow a judgement call on how they are living their life. Crazy but true. You might have already ran into this with some of the people around you. Be grounded in your choices. Revisit the "why" that powers your decision to train. Make sure that it holds enough power to motivate you and shield you in those moments when you face outside adversity. We are always here for you guys lending support and inspiration, but have other reasons close to your heart to keep you on track. This could be your kids, friends or family or simply the desire to pay tribute and thanks for life by being the best you possible. No matter what know that you are not alone. Everyone here is in the same boat, and we show up here everyday to have your back and train with you. If you need some extra help and support with your diet please check out our new Nutrition Guide -it's full of how and when and what we eat, and it will boost your results :) Best, Freddy

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