Thick, Strong Superwoman Legs!! LIFT!

Almost a year ago now, a good friend and gym partner of mine convinced me that I should start squatting with heavy weight. I figured I had nothing to lose so I started spending at least one day a week at the squat rack in my gym. The results? I started having people ASK me if I "lift". I thought that was pretty cool. So, what did I do to get these legs? Here is a typical "leg day" of mine. I like to switch it up once in a while so that my body doesn't get used to the same routine. STRETCH!!! Stretch those hammies, quads and glutes. Your basic squat form will be feet shoulder width apart (or a tiny bit wider) and toes slightly pointed out. You'll want to keep your head and chest up and ass sticking out. Try to avoid letting your knees pass over your toes. Have someone spot you if you're going for heavy weight! Get into your squat rack. I warm up with the barbell (45 lbs). Now the key to building a great butt is to get as LOW as you can. "Ass to grass" as heavy as its comfortable for you. Don't think about what the person next to you is squatting. Everyone is different. Add weight each set so you can work up to a goal weight. I like to get in 10 sets of 10 reps for squats. I add ten pounds each set until I hit my max weight. At this point, if you notice you're not going as low, that's okay. As long as you're going as low as you comfortably can (without sacrificing your form). Once I've done my squats I like to finish my workout with 5 sets of deadlifts. I gradually add weight each set until my max. If you feel like your legs are going to give out on the way to the car, it was probably a great workout.   legs3 legs2

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