A Thigh Gap Can Now Be Yours for just $69.99!

That's right, ladies! At "Thigh Gap" you can get a cute pair of boot cut jeans that will give you the look you're dying for. All for just $69.99. The jeans come equipped with a wooden rod sown in, giving you the gap you need without putting in any effort. As one happy customer says, "the scars are a constant reminder of the sins of my womanly body."   https://youtu.be/aPvAPK71eIE If this seems absurd and hilarious to you, you're right on point. The above video is a parody from the sketch comedy team Just Boobs. This video perfectly examines the way advertising works on women's self esteem by promoting unattainable beauty standards. I don't know about you, but I'm okay with my thighs touching. If you don't have a thigh gap, love you. If you naturally have a thigh gap, love you. It is that easy. We are what we are!  If we all looked the same, would life really be any fun? So watch the video, laugh at the tag line "'Thigh Gap,' because you aren't good enough," and remember that that is EXACTLY what the advertisers want you to think and you ARE good enough. And remember, breaking this cycle starts with you. h/t: Cosmopolitan   

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